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The Nentir Vale world in all its details. The Nentir Vale is a new setting that was introduced as the 'default setting' in, comparable to how 1st & 2nd editions explicitly assumed players would be using as their starter campaign, 3e ran on ' with the serial numbers filed off', and 5e basically puts everything in the. The main concept of the setting is separating the patches of civilized lands (described as 'points of light', which is what fans called the setting until the 'starter locale' got some adventuring modules under its belt) with vast unexplored or long abandoned wilderness with monsters and villainous cultists everywhere. Ironically enough, it wasn't actually supposed to be a setting. It first appeared in the 4e DMG as a generic example of a town and a region for newb DMs to use, but then they wound up sticking a bunch of adventure modules in the area, and it became a real, if smallish, setting of its own right thanks to cosmological sourcebooks like the and to.

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Even more ironically, the tie-in -esque boardgame 'Conquest of Nerath' actually reveals that the Nentir Vale region is one small part of a continent called 'Nerath', part of two larger continents; we don't know their names, but we do know they're divided into four rough regions based on their ruling empires; Nerath, the Iron Circle, Karkoth and Vailin. Contents • • • • • • • • Geography [ ] The Nerathi world covers a wide array of territory, with the continental regions from 'Conquest of Nerath' providing the most detail. These regions were subsequently expanded upon by an article series in called 'Nerathi Legends', which looked at specific parts of the map and showed how they looked in the present day of the setting.

The Nerath region lies on the western continent, and is a temperate zone of forests and plains, with extensive rivers that feed a number of swamps. It's bordered on the north, east and south by extensive mountains, with only a handful of comparatively small passes connecting it to the interior ocean between the two continents. The Sunless Citadel exists in the mountains to the far north-by-northwest of Nerath. South of Nerath lies the Iron Circle, a subtropical to tropical territory consisting of arid savannahs, deserts and mountains, giving way to tropical jungles in its eastern and southeastern regions.

The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth lie on its southern coastline. The Karkoth region takes up most of the eastern continent, stretching from arctic icefields and frigid mountains in the north down to tropical plains and forests in the south. Win nuke download. The Temple of Elemental Evil was built on this continent, and it is also home to the Vault of the Drow.

Separated from Karkoth by a mountain range, Vailin is a tropical region whose coastline is thick with jungles, which give way to plains as one heads southeast towards the continent's interior. Open pdf in indesign White Plume Mountain can be found if one travels far enough southwest into the 'center' of Vailin. A nameless island-continent lies between the two continents.