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By Juliet Daniel, Lucas Isaza, and Uma Lakshminarayan Have you always wanted to build a blog or other web application but haven’t had the time or educational resources to learn? With our blog template, available in, you can create your web application fast and effortlessly, and even learn to master the new Razor Pages architecture along the way. This blog post will explore how to use Razor Pages features and best practices and walk through the blog template code that we wrote. This summer we had the awesome opportunity to be part of, a 12-week internship for rising college sophomores and juniors to learn more about software development and program management. As interns on the Visual Studio Web Tools team, our task was to create a web application template as a pilot for a set of templates showcasing new features and best practices in Razor Pages, the latest ASP.NET Core coding paradigm. We decided to build a blog template because of our familiarity with writing and reading blogs and because we believe that many developers would want a shortcut to build a personal or professional blog. In our first week, the three of us all acted as Program Managers (PM) to prioritize features.

Along with researching topics in web development, we had fun playing with different blog engines to help us brainstorm features for our project. After that, every three weeks we rotated between the PM and developer roles, with one of us acting as PM and the other two as developers. Working together, we’ve built a tool that we believe will inspire developers to build more web applications with Microsoft’s technologies and to contribute to the ASP.NET open source movement.

Introduction This blog template is a tool to help developers quickly build a blog or similar web application. This blog template also serves as an example that shows how to build a web app from using the new Razor Pages architecture. Effectively streamlines building a web application by associating HTML pages with C# code, rather than compartmentalizing a project into the Model-View-Controller pattern. We believe that a blog template appeals to a broad audience of developers while also showcasing a variety of unique and handy features. The basic structure of the template is useful for developers interested in building an application beyond blogs, such as an ecommerce, photo gallery, or personal web site.

All three alternatives are simply variations of a blog with authentication. You can find our more detailed talk on the ASP.NET Community Standup about writing the blog template with code reviews and demos.

You can also access our live demo at (Username: webinterns@microsoft.com, Password: Password.1). Background This template was designed to help Visual Studio users create new web applications fast and effortlessly. The various features built in the template make it a useful tool for developers: • Data is currently stored using XML files. This was an early design decision made to allow users on other blogs to move their data to this template smoothly. The usage of (Language Integrated Query) enables the developer to query items from the blog from a variety of sources such as databases, XML documents (currently in use), and in-memory objects without having to redesign or learn how elements are queried from a specific source. • The blog is built on from. The image below showcases the organization of the file structure that Razor Pages uses. Each view contains a corresponding Model in a C# file.

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