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How do I encrypt data in PHP, properly, using symmetric-key encryption? I have a message M and a secret S. I'm looking for a solution that uses cryptography properly without making any of the usual mistakes. In particular, the solution should use authenticated encryption, choose IVs properly, and generate the actual encryption key from the secret S using a suitable slow hash (in case S happens to be a password instead of an actual cryptographic key). Can you suggest PHP code for this purpose? My motive: I'd like to give PHP programmers good advice on how to do this, not bad advice.

I want to encrypt large strings using public key and store in file. And after that read the contents of file and decrypt it using private key. Smash mouth astro lounge zip codes.

Is a real disappointment: it is full of highly-upvoted answers that are appallingly bad (ECB mode encryption? Repeating IVs? Encryption without authentication?). Let's figure out the right answer -- a code snippet that does things right -- and then go fix that broken window on StackOverflow. In keeping with the PHP programmer ethos, I'd prefer a snippet of code (that works for as many settings as possible; possibly with explanation and/or explanation of limitations/caveats) instead of just advice about algorithms and concepts. I think your question has more to do with how do I change the PHP community to understand the importance of understanding choosing the right cryptography and what the various modes of an algorithm mean. The reason they chose and upvoted the ECB mode was because it was the easiest, and it worked.

El poder de la palabra hablada florence scovel shinn pdf compressor online. Whose to say that if you give a good example with one of the feedback modes that anyone would understand the implications of why it's better? I think the code is really the unimportant part, and that sort of 'copy/paste' mentality is the real culprit destroying security. – Feb 4 '15 at 23:48. Can you suggest PHP code for this purpose? In order of preference.

PECL Libsodium If you haven't heard of libsodium,. I very strongly if possible.

Should get you started with installing libsodium and the PECL extension on your computer. The rest of that e-book should give you an understanding of how to use specific components, and contains plenty of example code. If you need a starting point for PHP cryptography to point non-experts to, libsodium is the best available today. For secret-key authenticated encryption, refer to.

Paragonie/halite (Disclaimer: I wrote Halite.) All the power of libsodium, and an interface that looks like: use ParagonIE Halite Symmetric Crypto as Symmetric; $key = KeyFactory::loadEncryptionKey('/path/to/key/file'); $ciphertext = Symmetric::encrypt($plaintext, $key); Check it out:. Defuse/php-encryption Defuse Security published an encryption* library on Github at. D.W., the answer needs to come more in the form of a Design Pattern than a code snippet.