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I have usb device (trueRNG) producing random bytes (comparable with a 'mad modem'). I am using the serial control to read it. It works fine under Mac but it fails under Windows. I found the proper port number and initialize the port as follows: W_serial.Serial1.SerialPort = system.serialport(portnumber) W_serial.serial1.RequestToSend= false // don't request data yet W_serial.Serial1.Baud=W_serial.Serial1.Baud9600 // or 2 W_serial.Serial1.Parity=W_serial.Serial1.ParityNone // or 0 W_serial.Serial1.Bits=3 //8 bits. W_serial.Serial1.Stop=W_serial.Serial1.StopBits15 //or 1 if (W_serial.Serial1.open)=false then msgbox('failed to open the RNG') else W_serial.Serial1.close 'and close again end if The error event in serial1 produces a msg box. To read I ope the port, set requesttosend and wait in a loop till the data-available event is triggered. On Windows I find the port number using different code but after that I use the same approach to read.

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However the serial1 error event fires immediately upon trying to open the serial device. Of course the open method then returns a failure.

What can be wrong. On the Mac it works without a driver.

Maybe the lack of specification of serial1.InputDriverName is the culprit. I have no experience with windows (don't know how drivers are installed and how in general drivers are referred to). But it could be a totally different reason.!@#$% •. Hi Tim, It is already after utilizing (as given in the first six lines of code) when opening the serial1 control (the line: if (W_serial.Serial1.open)=false then.) that the windows version responds with the serial.error event and indeed returns false because it was unable to open the serial device. I suspect it may be that I have to specify a InputDriverName (although this is apparently not required for MacOS). Si I don't read any thing yet.

What do you think might be the reason for this different behavior between MacOS and Windows? Hi, I have reduced the code to the minimal. Actually only the following: Serial1.SerialPort= System.SerialPort(0) 'device is connected to port number 0 Serial1.open The second line triggers the error-event in the serial1-control with an error code '5'.

I am not sure what this means (most probably a break-condition or a framing-error?). I have tried all values of the serial1.baudrate property. All of them have the same error.

I used no-parity, 1 stop-bit as is specified for the device (trueRNG). Quasi amici ita utorrent movies 2016. I am now compiling on a windows machine rather than my mac. Interestingly I have also asked the drivername and on Mac as well as on Windows that is returned as a portname (e.g. Whereas I expected 'usbser.sys'). So what can it be?