Win32_operatingsystem Installdate Formation

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The Win32_OperatingSystem class is derived from CIM_OperatingSystem. Any operating system that can be installed on a computer that can run a Windows-based operating system is a descendant or member of this class.

That's because (Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem).InstallDate is stored as WMI datetime datatype which really stores a Microsoft UTC format (yyyymmddHHMMSS.xxxxxx±UUU) where crucially xxxxxx is milliseconds and ±UUU is number of minutes different from Greenwich Mean Time as this post entitled 'How to get the most accurate Windows Install Date (time zone adjusted)' fully explains with code. Essentially, you have to add the time zone (TMZ) offset (±UUU) to your calculations. InstallDate = new DateTime(year, month, date, hour, mins, secs, msecs) + UTCoffset.

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WMI Tasks: Operating Systems • • 3 minutes to read In this article WMI tasks for operating systems obtain information about the operating system, such as version, whether it is activated, or which hotfixes are installed. The script examples shown in this topic obtain data only from the local computer. For more information about how to use the script to obtain data from remote computers, see. The following procedure describes how to run a script. To run a script • Copy the code and save it in a file with a.vbs extension, such as filename.vbs. Ensure that your text editor does not add a.txt extension to the file. • Open a command prompt window and navigate to the directory where you saved the file.

• Type CScript filename.vbs at the command prompt. • If you cannot access an event log, check to see if you are running from an Elevated command prompt. Some Event Log, such as the Security Event Log, may be protected by User Access Controls (UAC).