Warband Lancer Modified

Age of wushu bot programming Aug 10, 2005. Stirling's alternate history novel, The Pehsawar Lancers? Fi Mount & Blade: Warband Rise of Prussia Pride of Nations Crusader. Empire IV Alfonsos Magic Fantasy. Armors from texture fiddling by lucky lancer. Some horses of Saregonas modified, spak_items by spak, Horse armor originally made by Mongoloid(not sure for what game). Freelancer module files out of Warband enhanced added Rigale.

Contents [] Included Mods There are quite a few mods, scripts and other sources used, sometimes partially, in the Floris Mod Packs. In this post I list them all. I made some handy categories, but I didn't list mods 'double': if I used for example both items and skins from one mod, I listed it under one category. There are mods that I have explicitly asked and gotten permission from, and there are Open Source Packs that can be used by everyone. To know the difference, I marked all OSP mods like this: [color=red][OSP][/color].

You can use these OSP mods freely for non-commercial use, but still need to give credit and notify the creators. For the other mods you'll need permission form the creators.