V8 Supercar Liveries Templates Powerpoint

V8 Supercars Pitch - Advertising & Promotion - Assessment Item 2 • 1. Campaign Pitch - Brayden Kershaw-Donkers 178370 • Overview of Internal Investigation • Current Target Market: • Men from Generation X + Baby Boomer. Aged between 30-65 • Middle class socioeconomic status - average earning between $40k & $75k a year • Family men - “thrill factor” • Sport creates excitement and adrenaline for fans • Competitors • Traditional Australian Sports: AFL, NRL, Cricket • Internation Motorsport Series; Moto GP, Formula 1 & NASCAR • Appeal to Younger Generations • Currently the sport only markets to approximately 35% of the male population, made up of both baby boomers and generation x. • Opportunity to appeal to younger generations. • Generation Y in particular will improve the core- target market to over 50% of the male population • • The key to Generation Y is through Social media marketing • Currently v8 supercars utilise mass-media: • Television • Radio • Opportunity to improve online presence to remain relevant Appeal to Younger Generations - Social Media Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Currently V8 Supercars have a presence on all major social media channels: • Instagram - approx. 35k “followers” • Twitter - approx. 85k “followers” • Facebook - approx.

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600k “likers” • YouTube - approx. 85k followers • Administration of Social Media • Presence by it’s self is not enough - however provides a great core-audience base • Timely and productive administration is KEY to effective social media marketing • Most social media platforms also provide thorough analytics to help understand your audience better. - Create better relationships • Currently there is little or no interaction with fans online • Administration of Social Media • With no interaction with fans issues can multiply and spiral out of control. • Important to respond to fans whether their comments be positive or negation • Relationship marketing - all about developing a repor with the fans through a two way communication stream • Ensure all anti-social behaviour is dealt with accordingly; e.g.

- removing abuse or swearing • Hire dedicated and experienced staff as full-time social media managers • Facebook • Environmentally Conscious Consumers • Younger generations are becomingly more and more environmentally conscious • Purchase decisions for consumers are now more than ever being based on sustainability of products. Coda 2 0 9 keygen generator corel draw. • This this reason it is important for V8 supercars to ensure sustainability in all aspects of their sport.