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010Editor-keygen A keygen for 010Editor 1. How does the key generated? NOTICE: The content of this section is just my suspection. I cannot guarantee that it is absolutely correct because there is no symbol information in 010Editor.exe to confirm my suspection. There are 3 types of keys (also called passwords in 010Editor) that can activate 010Editor, which are Key Type Key Length Format Evaluation 19 chars xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx VersionLicense 19 chars xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx TimeLicense 24 chars xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx The x in Format column represents a hex char and is case-insensitive if a letter.

Before I explain each kind of keys, there are some concepts I should give. • Daystamp: We know that timestamp is the number of seconds since 00:00:00 Jan.

Similarly, daystamp is the number of days since Jan. For example, the daystamp of Jan.

2nd, 1970 is 1 and Jun. 23th, 2018 is 17705. • Checksum: I'm not sure if it can be called checksum. But I do not have a better word to describe it.

Checksum is a 4-bytes-long data and is related with some parameters. You can go to the definition of function _010Editor::Keygen::CalculateChecksum in _010EditorKeygen.hpp to see how to calculate it. The function CalculateChecksum receives 4 parameters. Gramatica william cereja desenho da bandeira do brasil.

There are Parameter Description utf8_username The UTF-8 bytes of username that the key licensed to. IsRegistrationVersion false for Evaluation key only. Otherwise it must be true. A3 An unknown parameter. So far it has an unclear meaning.

LicenseCount It represents how many users can use this license. Must be 1~1000. • EncodedExpireDaystamp: This is a 3-bytes-long data. The function _010Editor::Keygen::EncodeExpireDate in _010EditorKeygen.hpp can calulate it.

This function receives 2 parameters. There are Parameter Description DaystampOfExpiration The daystamp of expiration. Must be less than 0x1000000. Seed A parameter used in encoding expire daystamp. • EncodedLicenseCount: This is a 2-bytes-long data.

The function _010Editor::Keygen::EncodeLicenseCount in _010EditorKeygen.hpp can calulate it. This function receives only 1 parameter. Parameter Description DesiredLicenseCount The license count your want. Must be Must be 1~1000.

1.1 Evaluation Key Evaluation key is generated by 8-bytes-long data. To make it clear, I use. Unsigned char data[ 8]; to represent the 8-bytes-long data. Evaluation key cannot make your 010Editor become registered version. It can only extend your 010Editor's trial period. • data[4] ~ data[7] are Checksum and calculated by CalculateChecksum function where IsRegistrationVersion = false, a3 = 255 and LicenseCount = 1.

Utf8_username is based on your input. • data[3] must be 0xFC. It represents the type of key.

• data[0] ~ data[2] are EncodedExpireDaystamp and calculated by EncodeExpireDate function where DaystampOfExpiration is based on your input and Seed is Checksum. Finally, the Evaluation key is the hex string of data[8] where 4 hex chars consist of a block and each block is joined by '-'(hyphen). 1.2 VersionLicense Key VersionLicense key is also generated by 8-bytes-long data.

To make it clear, I use. Unsigned char data[ 8]; to represent the 8-bytes-long data, too. VersionLicense key can only be used for specified version or the older.