Sysprep Vista Join Domain Command

August 22, 2008 Michael Sauers 8 Comments So I’ve previously cloned the thirteen Vista computers in out lab without any significant problems. Well, problems that I can point to the cloning process as the cause of the problem anyway. What have I been using to do the cloning? That would be the free linux-based.

Sysprep while connected to a domain. You will want to run the following command from an administrator command prompt: sysprep /oobe /generalize Please note. Sysprep and Joining Domain. > > quicktime, real player and iespell. I join computer to the domain and > > create > > a domain profile in the local administrators group. I copy the customized > > administrator profile to the default profile. I unjoin computer from > > domain > >Install mini sap basis admin. and log back in as administrator. From command prompt I try to run > > sysprep.

Just boot from the CD and follow the prompts. But, there’s been this issue nagging at the backs of the minds of our computer team that we’d been ignoring since they’re our computers in our control so until there was a problem, we could ignore it. Then came ten new computers as part of a Gates grant that are going out to small rural libraries here in Nebraska.

Hey, I’ll just set one up and clone the other nine. But, in this case, once we’ve set the machines up, they’ll be sent out across the state and out of our hands. Ah, that nagging problem starts shouting at us again. That problem is the issue of. What are those? Let’s ask Microsoft: “Security identifiers (SIDs) are numeric values that identify a user or group. For each access control entry (ACE), there is a SID that identifies the user or group for whom access is allowed, denied, or audited.” Yeah, that’s a lot of help The gist of this is that for certain security features of Windows Vista this unique SID is used.

The SID is generated as part of the initial setup of Windows. When you first boot the computer after you take it out of the box. If you have more than one computer with the same SID, this could cause problems. The trouble is, cloning a hard drive also clones the SID.

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I’ve now got ten computers all with the same SID. In fact, Microsoft has a Web page that specifically tells you not to do what I did. Here’s what it says: “Computers that are running the Windows operating system use a Security ID (SID) to uniquely identify themselves. When you use disk-duplicating software, it is important to take steps to ensure the uniqueness of these Security IDs.” Yep, the computer team’s fears were based in fact.

Windows 10 sysprep join domain

I even double-checked by downloading a small program named to verify the duplication of the SID in question. “Have you performed a rollout, only to discover that your network might suffer from the SID duplication problem? In order to know which systems have to be assigned a new SID (using a SID updater like our own ), you have to know what a computer’s machine SID is. Up until now, there’s been no way to tell the machine SID without knowing Regedit tricks and exactly where to look in the Registry.