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Every single person in the world is confident that what they see and hear is true. Humans have a tendency to overestimate the accuracy of their memory and underestimate how easily our thinking can be influenced by others.

THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING. The Truth About Lying by Stan Walters. These books are NOT available for reading online or for free download in PDF or ebook. 0 Comments Leave a Reply. Write something about yourself. Mission english book by haresh jethva pdf download. No need to be fancy, just an overview. January 2018.

People will tell you they cannot be fooled, “Adverts don’t work on me.” But this conception we have about ourselves is wrong—the human mind is far from perfect. And there is nobody in the world who understands the fallibility of human perception as much as Derren Brown. Using a mix of sleight-of-hand magic, psychology, misdirection, and showmanship, Derren is able to imprint suggestions, guide behavior, and read the minds of his audience from their unconscious behavior. In this article, we share the 25 best psychology books which have been recommended by Derren Brown. These books will teach you how to protect yourself from malicious manipulation, detect lies and deceit, become more charismatic, engineer persuasion, and, perhaps most importantly to anyone who wants to keep a healthy, open mind: develop a level of skepticism that will give you a sixth sense for detecting bullshit. On Understanding Body Language Books on reading feelings and thoughts by observing behavior.

Body language is a notoriously hard subject to master. It’s easy to be overconfident when judging a person’s emotions, but this self-assuredness can, ironically, obfuscate rather than reveal true intentions.

For example, if we learn that when someone crosses their arms they must be feeling uptight, we may mistake the times when they’re merely pensive or cold as an exhibition of defensiveness. However, just because body language is a tough to master that does not mean it is unlearnable—far from it. For Ex-FBI agent Joe Navarro, his living (and sometimes his life) depended on being able to accurately judge the motives of those around him. In his body language masterwork, What Every BODY is Saying, rather than giving the reader a definite set of “rules” for decoding human behavior, Navarro instead draws from his extensive professional experience to provide you with tried and tested “patterns”, underpinned with practical, scientific explanations. After reading this book you will be able to tell when someone is feeling agitated, hostile, or devious even when they’re trying desperately to conceal such emotions and what they are saying with these emotions.

Read just the insights of What Every Body is Saying and 1000’s of other psychology books for free. It’s no exaggeration to say that Paul Ekman is responsible for most of what we know about facial expressions. Decades ago, there was a dispute about whether facial expressions were innate or learned through culture and imitation. In 1967, Ekman and his team went to Papua New Guinea to find the truth. In one of their first experiments they interviewed a tribe who, up until then, had never interacted with westerners and showed them photographs of various facial expressions across various cultures. Ekman found that the Papua New Guinea tribesmen and tribeswomen could recognize happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, and every other typical emotion with ease.

His expedition proved once and for all that facial expressions are not learned—they’re hardwired. When Ekman returned home he dived face first into the arduous task of cataloging every conceivable human facial expression.

He created a system called FACS (facial action coding system), took thousands of pictures of his own face, and assigned each arrangement a value based on which individual facial muscles were triggered. The result of this arduous task is Emotions Reveled, a how-to guide full of images, teaching you how to read peoples’ emotions and catch almost-invisible “micro-expressions,” which fleetingly reveal themselves when subsurface emotions leak out. If you want to know what is really going on in people’s minds, you need to read this book. Malcolm Gladwell said, after reading it, “You’ll never look at other people in quite the same way again. Blink diverts from your average body language or psychology book in one fundamental way. Malcolm Gladwell argues that most of us are much better at understanding human behavior and body language than we think, and it is this thinking— or overthinking—which causes us to overrule our correct intuitions.