Pic K150 Programmer Drivers And Software

PIC K150 Programmer This device is obsolete and not compatible with MPLab X (new PIC development tool), so you will have to export files in HEX format from MPLab X and import to DIY application which has released last version in 2007. For small projects I believe this device for 9 USD from E-Bay (Chinese resellers) is fine but for more advanced development is recommended usage of PICKit 3. Before you will buy this device I strongly recommend you to visit and download latest file.

Also you will need USB driver for K150 devices (which is different from recommended on DIY site) for. Please also be informed that Profilic USB to Serial converter mounted on K150 boards supports only Windows up to version 7. Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 won't work! MPLabX • Download from Microchib website with • Select File->New Project->Standalone project • Select Device->PIC16F630 • Select Supported Debug Header: AC162052 • Select Tool: Simulator • Select Compiler: XC8 • Select project name: LED test • Click Finish • Right click on Source files ->Oracle primavera p6 license. New C Main file • Paste the following code into new file.

Feb 13, 2016 - I have a k150 programmer that has previously worked,on an old. The prolific driver has installed correctly and works, every time the board is. Am seriously thinking about building my own pic programmer as suggested.