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Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Synopsis [ ] A charming love story of a group of men and women that is hotter than the boiling oil in a sizzling hot wok. Across the street of the six-star Giant Hotel, there stood a small and shabby Chinese restaurant called Hungry Wok. Doo Chil-sung, the owner of the restaurant and a former gangster from the Big Dipper Gang, took over the restaurant in order to provide a place of work for his former gang members.

One day, former star chef Seo Poong, and bankrupt heiress Dan Sae-woo, whose lives were turned upside down overnight, came to visit Chil-sung for his help to get them back on their feet. Cast [ ] Main [ ] • as Seo Poong (31) A tough spirit who starts from the very bottom of a hotel kitchen to becoming a top chef in a Chinese restaurant of Giant Hotel. A conspiracy resulted in the removal from his job. He ends up being a co-owner of the 'Hungry Wok'. • as Doo Chil-sung (40) A former loan shark gangster from the 'Big Dipper' gang who seems intimidating but is secretly very kind hearted. After serving his time in prison, he ends up running a failing Chinese restaurant with his ever so loyal gang members.

• as Dan Sae-woo (33) A chaebol heiress who enjoys horseback riding and fencing but currently bankrupt. She undergoes a major change in her life after tasting a bowl of Jajangmyun at a Chinese restaurant. Supporting [ ] People working in Hungry Wok [ ] • as Jin Jung-hye (53) A beautiful and vivacious chaebol wife, ex beauty queen. She won the title for Miss Onion pageant 20 odd years previously.

• as Cha Seol-ja (45) Chef of a Chinese restaurant who came to Korea from the 25 years ago. • Tae Hang-ho as Im Geok-jeong (34) A timid restaurant helper who dreams about becoming a chef, and sees Seo Poong as his role model. Members of Big Dipper Gang [ ] • as Oh Maeng-dal (42) Right-hand man of Doo Chil-sung in the 'Big Dipper' gang. He began working in the Hungry Wok restaurant after being released from prison, under the orders of Chil-sung. • Kim Hyun-joon as Kwang Dong-sik (27) A member of the 'Big Dipper' gang, the only married man among them. He is a warm-hearted person who wants to learn Chinese cooking skills as soon as possible in order not to worry his wife.

• Choi Ki-sub as Jeon Yi Man (35) A gangster working in the same restaurant who finds fighting easier than cooking • Cha In-ha as Bong Chi-soo (25) A member of the 'Big Dipper' gang, now a dumpling master who looks younger than his age and quick in calculations. • Choi Won-myeong as Yang Kang-ho (24) The youngest member of the 'Big Dipper' gang who is extremely loyal and strong. People working in Giant Hotel [ ] • Kim Sa-kwon as Yong Sung-ryong (30) An ambitious president of Giant Hotel. • as Wang Choon-soo (48) Main chef of the Chinese restaurant of Giant Hotel. • Oh Ui-sik as Maeng Sam-seon (31) A chef-in-training under a famous chef in the Giant Hotel. Seo Poong's rival who pretends to be his friend. • Hong Yoon-hwa as Gan Bora (27) The only female chef in Giant Hotel's Chinese restaurant's kitchen.

• Kang Rae-yeon as Gong Rae-yeon (30) Hall manager of Giant Hotel who speaks fluent Chinese, and values money above friendship. Others [ ] • as Kim Su-nyeo (74) A mysterious woman who frequently appears and disappears around Doo Chil-sung without warning. She is Chil-sung's mother who had abandoned him in a Chinese restaurant while eating sweet sour pork and jajangmyun. • Cha Joo-young as Seok Dal-hee (31) A plastic surgeon who has enjoyed success in her career thanks to the support of her father who runs a Chinese restaurant. Mogalirekulu all episodes 2018. Her marriage to her first love, Seo Poong is troubled by her unfilled social desires. • Lee Ki-hyuk as Na Oh-jik (34) A successful obstetrician. • Ok Ja-yeon as Lee Ji-kyung (32) Animal Hospital Veterinarian • as Dan Seung-ki (57) Father of Dan Sae-woo who has become bankrupt • as Lee Boon-hong (22) Kwang Dong-sik's wife.

A room maid at the Giant Hotel. She draws attention wherever she goes due to her pretty and sexy appearance.

Special appearance [ ] • • as Bustler's voice Production [ ] The first script reading took place in late March 2018. Original soundtrack [ ] Wok of Love OST. • Plus Media • Part 1 [ ] Released on May 7, 2018 ( 2018-05-07) No.