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3-Lib Top Nokia N70 tips Top Nokia N70 tips This page is for anyone thinking of migrating to the Nokia N70 with a view to using it as their main smartphone and entertainment device. And see also my short ebook,, most of which applies equally to the N70. The N70 has lots to recommend it, from the very latest Symbian OS and Series 60 versions, to a fast processor and lots and lots of RAM, from ultra-high-resolution main camera to stereo music output. • Open up your device By default, the N70 and other modern Series 60 smartphones come 'locked down' in terms of the applications they'll accept, installing only those that have large companies behind them, able to afford the expensive 'signing' process. But there are hundreds of other great applications, many of them free, that are 'unsigned'.

Mar 13, 2007 - If your Nokia N70 has a lot of important information on it, then it will be vital that you back it up. Click and you are offered the chance to install various applications. Android Pie Release Schedule 2018: All Makes & Models.

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Don't worry about this (see my article to put your mind at rest). Just go to 'Tools Manager Options Settings' and turn 'Software installation' 'On'. You can now install any compatible program without being blocked by spurious security warnings! • Treat Yourself If you're in any way serious about using a Nokia N70 (or any other Symbian smartphone) as a business and productivity tool, treat yourself to a Bluetooth keyboard. The one works a treat with the built-in Bluetooth keyboard driver and will see you typing at up to 60 words per minute on your smartphone. Go on, you know you want to. • Grabbing a card too When selecting an expansion card (MMC Mobile, a.k.a.

DV RS-MMC), go for one that's, as some makes aren't fast enough to handle the N70's video recording. Buku ebook. In particular, stay away from Kingston's 1GB card. • Replacing your camcorder Under good light conditions and for some subjects, the N70 can replace your camcorder - see my for how to get the most from it. • The latest and best (1) Make sure you keep up to date with PC Suite. Yes, there's a version on the CD that came with your smartphone, but Nokia are fixing bugs and adding bits and pieces all the time. Most useful is the way you can explore your smartphone's folders (including your text Inbox) from within Windows Explorer.

Keep an eye on the and stay current! Tinychat spammer. • The latest and best (2) Perhaps even more important, make sure you keep your device's firmware up to date (i.e. The operating system in flash memory). Previously this would have to mean a trip to your local Nokia Service centre and a wait, but you can now do this at home, yourself, as long as you're on broadband. • The ones you love the most (1) With the Nokia N70, there's an 'active' standby screen. Don't just take the shortcuts given, I'm sure you have ideas of your own as to your most used applications.