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Express Accounts Tutorial allows you to create journal entries for payments, purchases, receipts, deposits and more, while providing remote and mobile access. To help you set up and use this powerful accounting software we have put together the following video tutorial series to walk you through the different aspects of the program. • • • • • • • Setting Up Express AccountsThis video will help get you started with Express Accounts, showing you how to enter or modify the chart of accounts, set up taxes and how to configure other options for your business.

Express Accounts InvoicingThis video walks you through invoicing using Express Acounts in its entirety. Express Accounts PurchasingThis video goes through the features on the Purchase tab of Express Accounts, including everything related to purchases, accounts payable, suppliers and ordering. Express Accounts SalesThis video covers the features available on the Sales tab of Express Accounts, including customers, invoices, sales orders and sales reporting. Express Accounts Web AccessThis video will show you how to set up the web interface feature of Express Accounts. The web interface can be accessed from any location via the Internet.


Using web access is helpful for businesses that need to give multiple users access to the same data, or need to access data, create invoices, or enter transactions while on the road. Back-up and RestoreThis video will show you how to back-up your work and restore you work from a previous back-up. It will show you how to select a back-up location and use the scheduler to have your backup run automatically each day. Syncing with InventoriaThis tutorial will show you how to sync your accounting software with your inventory management software. Like what you see? Will help you track and report on business income and expenditures making it easy to see how your business is doing.

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