Mojoworld 3

3dcgi.com - Pandromeda Announces MojoWorld 3 Standard and Professional Editions Subscribe Unsubscribe Web 3dcgi Pandromeda Announces MojoWorld 3 Standard and Professional Editions New Creek, WV - October 14, 2004 - Pandromeda, Inc. Announces the release of the MojoWorld 3 family of products, the leading procedural world generation solution for 3D artists. MojoWorld was used in the blockbuster summer movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' and is a favorite tool of movie effects companies. New MojoWorld 3 Standard and MojoWorld 3 Professional incorporate over sixty new features and enhancements.

MojoWorld's unique procedural world generation engine instantly creates an entire spherical planet with unlimited detail, complete with sky, sun, moon, stars and water, all of which you can immediately modify, transform and animate. Point your camera in any direction and from any location and render a scene in almost infinite detail, thanks to the fractal technology underlying MojoWorld. 'Everyone has their favorite tool, but digital production designers need flexible, extensible tools that work well together and support almost any level of complexity in output,' said Ken Musgrave, CEO of Pandromeda, Inc.

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'As an end-of-workflow environment, MojoWorld can host pre-created 3D objects and blend 2D images either directly into the planet surface as heightmaps or stage them like 3D objects, for final rendering in a complete world. You can take total programmatic control over the procedural landscape and export them to your favorite renderer. MojoWorld both integrates with and extends your digital production toolbox like no other 3D product available.' A complete list of MojoWorld 3 features is available at the Pandromeda website. New Features of MojoWorld 3 Standard Edition, USSRP $199: PhotoBillboards: You can insert a 2D image as a 3D object, and transparency in the image is used to create a cut-out effect. Put your friends, family, pets, and yourself on your MojoWorlds! Vegetation: MojoWorld 3 Standard Edition comes with an assortment of high-quality plant models from 3DPlants.com, replete with automatic level of detail.


Mtn fastlink download. Dec 21, 2004 - Pandromeda, Inc. Has announced the release of MojoWorld 3 Viewer, an entirely free graphics application for exploring, rendering.

(With MojoWorld 3 Professional Edition, you can have entire procedural forests!) Parameter BombsT and River Terrains: Create a customized procedural area within your world, such as an oasis within a desert planet. MojoWorld's unique River Terrains allows you to create complete continents with rivers and lakes that follow natural rules. Terrain Import/Export: Import and export heightmap-based terrains from products like DAZ Productions' Bryce and seamlessly blend them into a complete spherical world. Interactive Light Sources: New interactive lights are easier to place and point-they can even be locked onto objects and rotated around them.

MojoFX 2D Special Effects: A large selection of artistic frames, weather and texture overlays, and lens flares provide post-processing effects that can be quickly and easily added to your MojoWorld renderings. SmartGuides: Visually align and place objects with the Ground Lines Guide and Object Alignment Guide, so you always know where objects are in relation to each other and the surface of your world. New Transformation Tools: Improved interactive object transformation tools, including the SmartStamp cloning tool, a button to place your objects at ground level, and a button to stand your objects vertically, no matter where you are on your planet. New Navigation Tools: Easy-to-use JogNav trackball and Field of View camera zoom control, MojoViewsT automatic camera-to-object views, and RandomCam exploration mode make getting around and setting up scenes a snap. Planet Wizard 3: The all-new Planet Wizard 3 lets you mix and match from a vast library of presets to instantly create literally billions and billions of new and unique worlds. New Layout Mode: Layout Mode gives you a familiar workflow similar to your 2D graphics apps, with quick access to the library of 2D MojoFX and easy rendering for output to the web or your multimedia projects.