Mogalirekulu Sikandar Bhai

Mogali Rekulu Serial. RK Naidu as the hero, who has been orphaned due to the bomb blast who is brought up in a criminal background by a don Sikandar Bhai. He is popularly known to Telugu people for the character “Sikander Bhai” in most renowned south Indian evening opera “ Mogali Rekulu” meaning Jasmine.

Devi gets admitted into hospital after getting bullet while sharing her joy with Mahi over her pregnancy report at their favourite spot in old city. All members of Devi's family and Mahi's brothers also arrive there and feel very sad. Devi's mother and Gomathi also weep seeing Devi lying unconscious in the operation theatre. Gomathi prays to Goddess Meenakshi to save Devi and her child when doctor reveals the fact that Devi is pregnant. Meanwhile RK Naidu informs Sathya about the incident and asks him not to let know Shanthi about this. So Sathya tells Sindhu and Madhu to take care of Shanti and goes to the hospital to talk with doctors and be with Mahi as support.

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Meanwhile Ali, Durga and Ishwar try to console Devi's mother by telling that Devi will be fine. Ali says that Devi is so great and a lovely madam that God will never think of harming her. Later RK also arrives there and after visiting Devi, talks to Mahi and Selva. Selva says that Aravind might have planned the attack as he already plotted to kidnap Sindhu or Devi for targeting Mahi. Mahi also gets this idea and becomes very angry over Aravind and says he will not leave him.

RK calms him saying that he should not lose control and allow criminal thoughts enter his mind. He assures Mahi that he will take up the case personally and bring to book the culprits.

Later he warns Selva not to do anything illegal by interfering in the matter and prompting Mahi also towards illegal thoughts. Meanwhile, Amir calls to Sathya's house and his wife receives the call. Amir takes her permission and comes to the house and informs her that he came to know from people at old city about the attack on Mahi and the shooter running away with wound in his leg.

He tells that he can help Mahi in finding the person shooting Devi as he knows many people in old city. When Mahi comes to know of this, he doubts Amir might have taken revenge on him and now overacting to be innocent and good. So he calls him to the hospital and threatens him with gun to tell the truth. But when he insists his innocence, Mahi gets him arrested and informs RK that his doubts are on Amir as he is too much overacting. RK later informs Mahi about one drunken person at old city revealing the name of the shooter as Jaani and that Aravind had given supari to Jaani through the drunkard and that Amir also had taken the name of Jaani to be the shooter wounded by bullet and running away at that same time when the incident took place.

So the attention of everybody draws towards Aravind as the main culprit. But RK tells Mahi that he will confirm everything and inform him later and asks him not to be hasty in his reactions. Then Amir is released from custody and RK puts men behind him to track him wherever he goes or whatever he does.