Ministry Of Sound The Annual 2006

Title: The Annual 2006. Label: Ministry Of Sound. Date: 31 Oct 2005. Catalogue: ANCD2K5. Barcode: 329. Format: Multi-Disc.

Replay CDs are a mixture of ex-retail, warehouse and privately collected stock that has been fully refurbished.

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Ministry of sound the annual 2006 full

Seems I'm still getting a lot of hits from search engines still looking for these, so here's a re-post of the original (now dead) post. Here they are the.cue files for Ministry of Sound - The Annual 2006 (Australian Edition) I loved this album so much I had to.cue that bitch up. Please note this is for the Australian Edition of Ministry of Sound - The Annual 2006 Download What's a CUE File? These.CUE files will seperate the two hour long MP3 files in to seperate tracks in your MP3 player of choice. Simply drag the.CUE file into your player instead of the.MP3 file and you'll see all of the tracks listed normally, rather than a single mp3 of the whole CD. The CUE files are very specific, so for them to work, please make sure your.MP3 files are named like this: • 01 - Ministry Of Sound The Annual 2006, Australian edition, CD1.mp3 • 02 - Ministry Of Sound The Annual 2006, Australian edition, CD2.mp3 It is possible to make the.CUE files work with your existing files if you so desire.

You can do so by opening them up in notepad (or something similiar) and changing the third line to: FILE 'name_of_your_mp3_file_here.mp3' MP3 Please make sure the MP3 file and the CUE are in the same folder. Why would I need a CUE File? You would need these if you 'ripped' your Ministry of Sound - The Annual 2006 in to a single hour-odd long MP3 file, intending to add it to your MP3 collection on your computer.

You might also want these if you downloaded the Australian Edition that didn't come with.CUE's via p2p or such. Tracklist • January 13th, 2006 at exactly 7:53 am •, • •.