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When you’re getting your MBA, the internship you choose will be a big part of your success. Most MBA students will work an internship in the summer between the two years of business school. The most important thing to remember is that your MBA internship is what will lead to your first job. States that many firms look to an MBA internship as a trial run for a real job. In better economic times, MBA internship holders even received full pay and benefits. While a lot of companies are unable to offer exciting packages they once did, students shouldn’t take their internships lightly.

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While it’s an internship, you should still expect some form of compensation. You should also make the most of your experience because it will give you a chance to practice everything you’ve learned in the classroom. Schools recognize the importance of internships so they will be instrumental in helping you secure one. You may already have an idea of the direction you want to go in or you may need some direction. Regardless of where you are in your goals, use all services that your school has to offer. Some companies offer highly coveted internships that are as selective as Ivy League schools. Other internships are lesser known but they will still provide you with the same valuable experiences.

In some cases, opportunities with smaller companies may be a better fit because you’ll be viewed more as an individual rather than a number. That may be worth more than prestige. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started on your internship search. Length: 10-12 Weeks Location: Charlotte, NC; New York, NY; San Fransisco, CA; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA Description: The Wells Fargo Investment Banking Summer Associate Program allows for interns to work full-time and discover what it’s like to be an investment banker at Wells Fargo. They work with industries such as middle market, energy and power, technology, real estate, and more.

Interns build real transactions and interact with clients along with research opportunities. Upon graduating, students will be prepared to work as an investment banker once they finish their MBA program. Length: 12 Weeks Location: Minneapolis, MN Description: General Mills Associate Interns are assigned projects based on business needs. They are exposed to popular brands such as Cheerios, Chex Mix, or Yoplait. Interns have the opportunity to come up with their own ideas. They have opportunities for advancements as they will receive evaluations in the middle of the summer and at the end of their internship.

This program prefers students with marketing and/or general management concentrations. Length: 12 weeks starting in late May/June Location: New York, NY, Ann Arbor, MI, San Francisco, CA, San Bruno, CA, Mountain View, CA.

You can be assigned to any of these locations. Accounts book for class 11 Description: Interns can work in a variety of departments including Business Strategy, Finance, Engineering and Technology Product Management, Sales and Service Support, and much more. Interns are given rigorous work schedules and exposed to the fast-paced, high impact world of technology.

Length: 12 Weeks Location: St. Louis, MO Description: Interns are responsible for advertising development, market research, packaging development, competitive analysis, and more. Interns will work with popular brands and gain exposure to the marketing world through real projects. By working with the Purina brand, interns will have an active role in altering how consumers see pet care. These internships require MBA candidates with a marketing concentration. Length: Summer. May/June-August/September Location: Glendale, CA Description: Disney is one of the best-known brands out there.

The brand has infiltrated television, movies, clothing, toys, apps, games, and much more. No matter what interests you, working for Disney will give you a chance to explore a variety of fields. Interns are responsible for reviewing weekly performance metrics, creating ad-hoc analysis, assisting with the creation of the Annual Plan presentation that will be given to top executives. Length: Nine weeks Locations: Varies Description: Interns are given a week of in-depth classroom training before they begin their internship. They have the opportunity to perform in-depth research, prepare pitches, and financial analyses. Interns are prepared to become strategic advisors.


If interns complete the program successfully, they are offered full-time positions. Length: Varies Location: Varies, opportunities available all over the world Description: Interns have the chance to work in a variety of areas including finance, operations, and product management. For example, the MBA Operations Intern works with staff from many different departments to design and develop products for consumers. No matter what your concentration in your MBA is, Amazon has an internship opportunity for you. You’re not limited to one location because MBA interns may have the opportunity to travel. Length: 10 weeks Location: Varies Description: Goldman Sachs internships are among the most coveted in the industry. They seek not only MBA students but those who are seeking other advanced degrees such as JD, MD, or LLM.