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MDaemon Pro 10.1.2 MDaemon Pro 10.1.2 62.7 MB MDaemon Pro 10.1.2 - this is one of the most powerful mail server with many advanced features. It supports the protocols SMTP, POP and IMAP, allows remote configuration. Minecraft skin installer free. There is a built-mail Web-server, and also built a powerful system of filtering spam. Another of the very useful features - a built-in antivirus protection KAV (AVP) More information about the mail server MDaemon Outlook Connector for MDaemon opens up access to the functions of collective work, implemented in the package Microsoft Outlook, for small and medium-sized organizations. As a server, send e-mail uses the package MDaemon. With Outlook Connector for MDaemon you can always stay connected with their employees through general access your Outlook, address book, schedule meetings, lists of projects, tasks, notes, etc.

Outlook Connector for MDaemon offers companies the opportunity to use the Groupware-functions of Microsoft Outlook without the additional costs of Microsoft Exchange Server. SecurityPlus for MDaemon - a powerful means of protecting email from spam, spyware, phishing and viruses on your mail server MDaemon.

Unlike traditional solutions, the package SecurityPlus for MDaemon used spam detection in real-time detection technology duplicate samples Recurrent Pattern Detection Technology (RPD?), as well as protection technology from the newly emerging viral epidemics Zero Hour? Virus Outbreak Protection. When using a mail server with MDaemon SecurityPlus you get anti-virus and spam protection the next generation. SecurityGateway for Exchange / SMTP servers is helping the owners of other mail servers use the achievements of Alt-N in the fight against spam and other network threats that have been successfully applied in the server MDaemon. Firewall spam SecurityGateway Server Exchange / SMTP is different convenient administration, a powerful system of filters and high precision work. RelayFax - is a powerful fax server that automates sending, receiving and processing of faxes over the network, as well as integrating tools for faxing to the existing email system. Virtual dj crack download.

LDaemon - is a centralized address book and store contact information for the popular mail server MDaemon. This software is free, downloaded separately from MDaemon. Archive Server for MDaemon - the program allows to keep the mail and quickly find any e-mail.

All incoming and outgoing mail is automatically recorded, so you can restore any letter without technical assistance. MailDetective for Microsoft? Exchange Server and email server MDaemon - an effective tool for monitoring e-mail us.


Unlike other analysis programs e-mail traffic, MailDetective easily adapts to the specific needs of the organization. The program offers both the possibility of quick access to information from any computer network company, and a fully automated version of the configuration of mailing of reports via e-mail. Mail Access Monitor for MDaemon mail server performs monitoring the mail server. Analyzing log files created by MDaemon, Mail Access Monitor allows you to quickly monitor the mail server to reflect the volume of generated traffic and issue reports on those to whom, how and when the most heavily send and receive emails.

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