Kuroko No Basket Season 2 Episode 2 English Sub

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We seriously love Kurokooo:D.episode 14 is one of the most awsome episodes of season 2 so far!!!!! All these eyes' expressions that he makes and we've never seen before.awww But anyone can admit that, even though his feelings were bad, it was really interesting to watch him express them, cause usually he never reacts to anything, right??!! 0_0 Also everyone make sure u watch this episode cause guess what.A BRAND NEW OPENING SONG is waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D I think it's sooo much better than the first one.you'll see why;) There's a new ending theme too, but the opening is overwhelming it:P many scenes of episode 14 are in it and that's even better, it's more intense!!!! Seriously no one should miss it:).

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