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(Kon-Boot is'nt free anymore) In this step-by-step tutorial i will show you how to easily install Kon-Boot on your USB. Kon-Boot is a handy tool to have when you forget your password to your Windows user. Video lucu banget. I would be installing the free version of Kon-Boot but you can buy the full version. When you have downloaded kon-boot-all.zip and UNetbootin open up kon-boot-all.zip.

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In kon-boot-all.zip open the folder 'kon-boot-all *' then double-click the CD Kon-Boot zip file, example: CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1.zip. When it asks for a password type 'kon-boot' to get access to the folder with the.iso file. Open the folder appearing and extract the CD Kon-Boot iso file, example: CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1.iso to your desktop. Start UNetbootin as we downloaded before and choose 'Disk image'. Then click the button with the three dots and locate your CD Kon-Boot iso file. When you are finished doing that choose the USB drive you want it to be installed on.

Click ok and see it do magic. Your done you sucsessfully installed Kon-Boot on your USB stick. It is a great tutorial, I have been using Kon-boot on CD for about 4 years and maintaining disc scratch free is a pain.

I did follow your tutorial but was not successful when trying to bypass the password. The bootloader has gotten stuck on the grey loading screen with the count down. It tends to cycle it self over and over after it counts down to 1, never loading onto kon-boot or windows in that fact. I have read on several forum a quick fix for the problem. When loading the kon-boot image do not choose 'ISO' instead choose 'Floppy' which should work pass the cycle boot problem and into kon-boot and windows.

Need to reset Windows password? Has problem logging into Windows because your user account was locked out? In this article, you'll learn how to log in to your Windows computer using password recovery programs – NT Password and PassMoz LabWin. These two programs offer viable password recovery solution and are efficient alternatives to the popular, Kon-Boot. Kon-Boot is one of the most widely used programs to Windows password. But, if you are having trouble using the program, or maybe the program is just not working for you, that's okay.

We will be giving you other easy options to reset Windows password. Kon Boot Alternative 1: NT Password is an open source Windows password recovery program available online. Follow these steps to reset Windows password using NT Password.

Step 1: Download the zipped ISO image file of NT Password to an accessible computer. Step 2: Extract the file and launch the program. Step 3:Burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD, or save it to a USB drive. The CD or USB drive will serve as your live password reset disk. Step 4: Boot the locked computer from the CD or USB drive. Once the system boots successfully, the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor screen will be loaded. Step 5: Press 'Enter' to boot and proceed to the next screen which will ask you choose the correct hard drive partition where Windows was installed.