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Fresh Look At IMVU, Mini-MMO With Big Numbers by Jun 24, 2008 - 4:33 AM CST • • • Flying under the proverbial radar for the last four years, the web-based virtual world chatroom has released new jaw-breaking data: Since April 2004, it has amassed 20 million registered accounts, with 600,000 of those active monthly users. By comparison, Second Life took five years to acquire. The company, well known to web surfers because of its ubiquitous ads, is now earning $1 million a month in revenue, 90 percent of that from the sale of virtual currency and 10 percent from banner ads embedded in its interface, CEO Cary Rosenzweig said.

That works out to about $1.66 a month per active user., market leaders Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin are earning $1.30 and $1.62 monthly average revenue per user, respectively. How did IMVU grow? Most of IMVU’s massive catalog of avatar clothing, accessories and other objects available on its online catalog are made by the users themselves. They purchase those items from each other with IMVU credits. (A block of 1000 costs you $1.) IMVU then takes a cut of the profits for each virtual item sale, with the rest going to the individual user. The result: fresh quality content produced on a regular basis by energized creators. “It’s my personal belief there’s maybe in the order of dozens who are doing this for a living,” Rosenzweig said.

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Peter Pan IMVU will double bill your credit card and not even tell you they double billed you unless you figure it out yourself. Their whole philosophy is that “what the customer (IMVU User) doesn’t knowdoesn’t hurt.” These people seriously have issues and need to address complaints in a timley manner that will satisfy the customer needs and not when ther decide when they want to respond back to the customers. I’m really surprised their still in business after 5 years. Also, the girls who work in their customer support are really rude when responding back to customers via email. Jack X I have been on IMVU since early 2006 and you best hear my advice: STAY AWAY!

IMVUinc does NOT like to discuss things and changes rules and guidelines whenever they see it fit. Someone flaggs your creations? Well you are out of luck then. I had it happen at least 10 times because they suddenly changed rules for their so called “access pass”. So your earned credits from these products are TAKEN from your balance AFTERWARDS if you get really lucky If you want an open minded community then STAY AWAY from IMVU Get Second Life But. I suppose most people will have to learn that lesson by themselves just do not say you haven’t been warned there were enough words of warning here. Honestly speaking i dont know why everybody hates imvu, i prefer imvu rather than second life because imvu graphics looks much better, i can’t stand Second Life’s graphics which looks kind of weired, sorry to say, Second Life’s avatars looks so weired, and their hair especially looks like some sort fake paper. Convert udf to mp4 software converter.