How To Stop All Current Installations Windows Defender

Defender Control is a handy tool to easily enable/disable Windows Defender completely within a click. You can disable Windows Defender to use other anti-virus programs or other tools which are blocked by it. If you have any 3rd party AV program installed, that may often times disable Windows Defender. Do you know if you have one installed?

This is the situtation. We have a plugin that we got signed and installs fine. It runs great with Defender Off and UAC control Off. Intially we had it set to run to 'requiresAdministrator' access level defined in the application manifest. What this did is that when we turned Defender Defender would get the dreaded pop up on start up with a the compability message or similar and defender blocks it. So we set the manifest to lower priveleges.

This then allowed it to bypass the Windows Defender and Defender would not want to block it any more. But by doing this the UAC complains saying thier is inusffecient priveleges to run.

It points to the C: ProgramData%OurPlugin%%Plugin.XML% file and then it crashes. Edit: I did some further testing on this and I have determined that it is UAC that keeps on blocking the program. Running the program with elevated permisions in the manifest allows the program to run as long as you either turn UAC off or if you are an administrator and allow the blocked startup program. This does not work with Non- Admins. If I install the program with highest available permissions it no longer has Windows Defender popping up but It then crashes pointing to the C: ProgramData Directory with a permissions problem. Any help or even poiting to somewhat the right direction is appreciated. OK, so, it sounds like you have a program that starts when the user logs in, perhaps?

If so, you have done the right thing lowering the runlevel in the application manifest. The proper setting for you sounds like 'asInvoker' if you want to run it at login.

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If an application that is going to prompt for elevation is in your startup items when the user logs in, it will not be launched, possibly because it is extremely disruptive, especially if the user is running as a standard user in an enterprise or something, and may be required to go find another person to go enter a password, since the user may not know the admin password. The XML file: It sounds like what's occuring here is an ACL issue, assuming you are seeing ACCESS_DENIED. You can check the ACL on the file by opening up a command prompt and running 'icacls C: ProgramData%OurPlugin%%Plugin.XML%'. Given the location, I am assuming your application is installed for all-users. By default, things placed under ProgramData only grants full permissions to the user who put it there; you most likely will want to grant more permissions to a group of users (The 'Users' group, possibly) during the installation of your application if multiple users will need write permissions to the file.

Most installation technologies provide a simple way to customize the ACLs of files and directories; if yours does not, you can still write some custom code to handle the issue. A code sample on MSDN, which is probably not correct for your scenario but is a good place to start, if your installation technology does not have tools to help you set an ACL: You will probably also want to check the ACL of other files and directories you have placed under programdata, and make sure the settings are appropriate based on what you are doing with them. It is also important that you understand the security implications of depending on resources that might be modified by a user account.


Hope this helps! Hi blaztoff: Windows Defender monitors every activity on your computer/system. If you install something new, Windows Defender will catch that and display, a blue icon with the original Windows Defender icon in the tray area.

When a blue icon with a? Question symbol is added, then it means that Windows Defender requires your attention, and as soon as you open Windows Defender, it will require a choice between three different decisions.

I hope this information was helpful. Have a nice day. Best regards, Fisnik Coder24.com.

So, welcome friends today I show you how to run a program which is block by windows defender in windows 10. If you use windows defender as primary Antivirus of your pc.

Then must see this video. How to allow a program in windows defender. Steps: 1) open windows defender from settings 2) go to ' virus and threat ' 3) then go to virus & threat protection settings 4) scroll down and search the option ' Allow an app through controlled folder access 5) tap on the plus (+) sign then select the folder, exe, batch, shortcut which is block by windows defender. Make sure that in choosing time the 'all' file type is selected. If you like this video please subscribe to my channel and like and share this video among with your friends.