How To Install A Transmission Cooler On A Th350 Fluid

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The GMT800 generation of General Motors’ fullsize trucks and SUVs is one of the most popular among truck enthusiasts—and for good reason. They’re thoroughly modern vehicles, but still relatively easy to work on, and were the first models to utilize the LS-type V-8 engines. It was also the first generation of GM’s lovable oddball, the Avalanche. However, GM made some interesting choices with the standard configurations, some not always favorable to owners. One of which was the lack of a proper factory transmission cooler for Avalanche 1500 models.

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In online forums, there are plenty of horror stories about premature failure of the 4L60E transmission. Most are related to excessive heat or owners tuning their engines to produce more power than the factory transmissions were designed for. Since we’re not planning on doing major engine upgrades that will push the trans beyond its limits, we decided to install a B&M SuperCooler transmission cooler to give us an extra measure of confidence when towing. We selected the model #70264, which has a 14,400 Btu rating.

We found the cooler made a significant difference in terms of cooling and preventing heat soak. Previously, we could get the transmission fluid to spike to 190 degrees or more with just a few wide-open-throttle runs, or on prolonged uphill grades.

Afterward, we made repeated WOT runs and went up a steep, prolonged grade at full throttle, and the transmission fluid temperature remained steady at 150 to 160 degrees. A difference of 20 to 30 degrees can mean the difference between transmission failure or making it to your destination safe and sound when towing. Follow along as we knock out this install in just a couple of hours.

I have the bottom line on the transmission going to the bottom port on the radiator. Out of the top port of the radiator and to the bottom port of the external transmission fluid cooler. Out of the top port of the external transmission fluid cooler back to the top line on the transmission. Does This sound correct? I have the heavy duty cooling system 3 row radiator. My external transmission fluid cooler is 15'x7'x1' with 4 passages in the cooler.

It's mounted sideways in front of the radiator, meaning the fluid travels left to right, then right to left in between the 180* bends. I'm running a 2000 RPM stall converter and 3.42 rear gears. I drive mostly in 30 to 55 MPH speed zones will an occasional highway drive of 65 MPH. It turns about 2800 RPM's at 65 MPH.