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HDClone 7 is a powerful backup tool that can be used to clone disk or partitions. When you are planning to migrate your current OS with all applications and data to another hard disk, HDClone could be your best friend.

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HDClone creates physical or logical copies of hard disks and other mass storage. As there are many similar software that offers disk clonic capability, the new HDClone comes with a different approach.

Well, it’s not a completely different but the way this software works is pretty new. There are several editions of HDClone. There is also free edition which allows us to clone disks (not partition).

For a complete list of the available HDClone editions, please visit this. How to clone Disk using HDClone 7 The following tutorial will help you to create a backup or clone of your hard disk using HDClone 7. Let us show you how easy to clone your hard disk/partition or backup your disk using HDClone 7. Clone Disk Clone Disk feature will help you to create a duplicate of your existing disks.

In order to use this clone feature, you will need the second hard disk with the same or bigger size. We haven’t tried to clone disk to a smaller disk. Theoretically, this won’t works. Open HDClone 7 and click Disk in the cloning section. It will bring you to the next window where you will need to select the disk to clone (source). If you want to clone only particular partition, check the “show partition” option. Click Next and select the destination disk Next, we can adjust and change some advanced options.

If you don’t know what to do, we recommend you to leave this part as is. On the next page, you can adjust the disk size. It’s a great feature because we can adjust the partition size on the destination disk. But you can also skip this adjustment if you want. Next, you are ready to start the cloning process.

Click Start copying and the actual disk cloning process will start. The copying process could take sometimes depends on your disk size. Download mastercam 9.1 full crack.

When completed, you will see something like this. Now we have successfully clone our disk.

We can then use the new disk to boot our computer. Final Thought We do love this HDClone 7.

It is very easy to use it and also it performs very well. We tested this disk cloning software on Windows 7 and it can complete its job without problems.