Gta 4 Save Game

Gta 4 Save Game

C: Users USER Documents Rockstar Games GTA IV savegames; You can optionally rename the savegame to change the slot, e.g. SGTA412 is located in the. Apr 4, 2009 - I'm not sure if I have to install a windows live software or something like that to have my GTA IV saved games folder??? Can anyone explain to.

1) Read carefully. First, you need to install xliveless.

Simply put the xlive.dll in the game directory.

Hope you enjoy this. Ultimate GTA 4, The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony Savegames Arena!~ Authors: Fabio206 - PS3 GTA 4 savegames - GTA-Expert.it's webmaster Skiaffo - PC GTA 4 savegames - GTA-Expert.it's moderator Neon25 - PC GTA 4 100% savegame - thanks for permission! Nikozz - PC TLAD and TBOGT savegames - GTA-Expert.it's user Lokrath - PC TLAD and TBOGT 100% savegames - GTA-Expert.it's user How the hell could I install my savegames on PC versions?

Here's my ultimate tutorial (you'll find link also in TLaD and TBoGT archives, soon also IV ones) Tutorial: Guida: The Ballad of Gay Tony section Savegames: Savegame TBOGT 100% by Lokrath [ ] # 01 - I Luv LC [] # 02 - Practice Swing [] # 03 - Chinese Takeout [] # 04 - Bang Bang [] # 05 - Blog This! [] # 06 - Frosting On The Cake [] # 07 - Boulevard Baby [] # 08 - Momma's Boy [] # 09 - Corner Kids [] # 10 - Clocking Off [] # 11 - Kibbutz Number One [] # 12 - Sexy Time [] # 13 - High Dive [] # 14 - This Ain't Checkers [] # 15 - No. Great for someone but it pretty much ruins the game having someone else play it for you. Unless you lost your savegames some how? Not neccesarily. For example I would like to go back to 'Liquidize the Assets' mission and play from there out because I would like to see what would happen if I killed Darkov vs. Letting him live or for those that didnt do two seperate saves with the Deal and Revenge branch.

Bottom line is cheating is in the eyes of the beholder (in single player games ONLY. I hate lame ass Multiplayer hacks).

If a particular mission is just proving to piss you off. Where is the fun in that. Especially since the craptastic save system makes you replay the WHOLE freaking mission if you fail (to include long drives back to your mission etc etc). Thanks for posting these. The most important post in here at last!!!!!,,,i have reformated my computer more than 5 times trying to tweak this crap only to have to start the misions all over again,so many times i gave up playing single player only to find out multiplayer sucks getting a message that says,,(you been disconected because your computer is running too slow),,,now with these i can load exacly were i was the last time i erased my computer, any instructions on how to install these saves??? Edited January 5, 2009 by x8681150.

Game crashes at the start after I follow the instructions of putting that file in Gta IV Directory It extracted it to windows DIR!! What Can I do? Do you have vista or xp? Where do you extract xlive? Savegames must be extracted in savegames folder into XP: C: Documents and Settings User Local Settings Application Data Rockstar Games GTA IV Vista: C: Users User AppData Local Rockstar Games GTA IV but in savegame folder! Guardians of the galaxy all soundtrack in zip. Savegames user_eXXXXXXXXXXX (xxx are numbers) Use XP SP3 now Extracting Xlite into GTA IV main Dir.

Then I got a prompt and I clicked Yes! Download data pes 2013. Then after that game will always crash. I formatted and downgraded to Vista so needed to reload my savegame now this? I dont get it people don't help! But always like to troll about fake performance gain! Hey man, I can't check this topic all day, I've and entire site/forum to help in italian and I have to study for university. Donwgraded to vista?

Xp to vista in an upgrade man. I've got xp sp3 and it works well, make a screenshos of your XP: C: Documents and Settings User Local Settings Application Data Rockstar Games GTA IV Vista: C: Users User AppData Local Rockstar Games GTA IV folder and sub-directory please, so I'll understand what is the problem Have you patched the game or not? Fabio, how did oyu get Neon25 to give you his Save Game? He didn't reply to my PM He probably downloaded it off gta-modding.it (the only site that I allowed to post my savegame) and put it on his site.

It's nice asking the author for permission to use, you know. I thought you released it in a topic on gtaf but I didnt searched for it, I'm sincere, so I uploded it. Sorry for that, if you want, I remove the file immediatly, sorry for misunderstanding. I ask permission for all files that I upload, ask in Mod Showroom if it's true Sorry for my bad english.