Glay Discography

GLAY is one of Japan's most popular bands. GLAY's name originated from a deliberate misspelling of 'gray' representing the wide range of genres the band can fit into without being classified as 'black' or 'white'. GLAY has not been afraid to experiment with different styles of music, and with songs ranging from gospel to pure rock. Since their debut single, ' (produced by 's ), they have produced over 10 albums and 40 singles. With record numbers of audiences attending their concerts and releases reaching #1 spot on charts, GLAY continues to have an impact on the Japanese music scene. Vasco da gama bridge.

In 2010, the band established its own record label. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Members • (vocals, acoustic guitar) • (guitar) • (guitar, keyboard, background vocals) • (bass) Former Members • (drums) • (drums) Support Members • (guitar, keyboards, producer) (1994–present) • (drums) (1995–present) • (keyboards) (1995–1998) • (keyboards) (1998–2004) • (keyboards) (2004–2005) • (keyboards) (2007–present) Biography The band was formed in 1988 by TAKURO and TERU.

HISASHI joined shortly after, when his band ARI broke up. The band became popular in their hometown, playing in small places and in school festivals. In 1990, when the members gratuated from highschool, they headed down to Tokyo to try and push their career even further. However, things were dificult in Tokyo. Clicker heroes save game editor.

GLAY DOME TOUR 2005 “WHITE ROAD” in TOKYO DOME. Released:; Sales: 72,975 Highest oricon position (weekly): #1; Label: UNLIMITED RECORDS / mustard; Disc 1 01. Prologue ~WHITE ROAD~ 02. White Road 03. Freeze My Love 04. Ikiteku Tsuyosa 05. STAY TUNED 06. Kokodewanai, Dokoka e 07. Winter,again 08. Way of Difference 09. Zutto Futari de. Glay - album discography torrent Full download,glay - album discography torrent rar and zip with Cracked.View more about glay. SOUL LOVE 11. I'm in Love Disc2 01.

The band performed for very small audiences, sometimes for only one person. The members had to work very hard in different jobs to be able to keep themselves and the band. It was not until JIRO joined the band, in 1992, that things started to change.

JIRO came with new ideas that opened the doors for them and helped them to get more success in the indies circuit. In 1993, YOSHIKI watched one of their performances and signed them under his label, EXTASY RECORDS.

In 1994, their debut single was produced and their first album, released. After that, the band became increasingly popular. In 1996, they first reached #1 on thecharts with their 3rd album, and, in the same year, their forth album was their first to sell over 1 million copies. In September 1996, GLAY played the final concert of the 'BEATout!

Reprise Tour at Budokan', their first concert at the venue, which is estated by them to have been their biggest dream coming true. In August 1997, their 12th single remained at the top of the charts for two weeks in a roll and, after it was displaced by 's single 'Eien' for one week, it re-appeared at the top position for other three weeks, while the album stayed for five weeks in a roll at the top position of the Oricon charts and became the all-time best-selling album in Japan at the time, with almost 5 million copies sold. (at present, it is ranked at #3 spot, according to Oricon). In the period between 1997 and 2000, Glay produced six million-selling singles, being the third artist with most million-selling singles of all time. Their 13th single topped Oricon yearly single ranking in 1998. Their albums were also massively successful; both (1998) and (1999), along with the compilation album (2000), sold more than two million copies each.