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Re: Basic Football Manager Game in Java 843853 Jul 6, 2010 1:16 PM ( in response to 843853 ) You will need to know some of this Java. This action will take you to a newer version of the iWin.com website and Games Manager, which only support accounts and All Access subscriptions created October 2017 and later.

Football Manager 2011 FAQ Welcome to the Football Manager 2011 FAQ - within this thread should be the answers to the majority of questions you may have when running the game, and answers to any errors you may come across. Once again this year we have combined with SEGA to produce and Online Manual which will replace the old-fashioned paper one you used to get with the game. This can be found by clicking here - Patches We always recommend running the latest version of the game. However you do not need to start a new game to be able to use the patch, you can continue your save games from both the demo and the original version of Football Manager 2011. However if you want the latest database you will need to start a new game.

The patches can be downloaded and installed the following ways: Electronically Bought Versions of the Game This includes Steam and copies bought from Vendors on-line such as Direct2Drive and GAME. In all cases the release version of Football Manager 2011 is already at the most recent version and should not be patched manually. If you do this you will corrupt your installation and will need to perform a full removal and re-install of the game. Please do not patch downloaded versions of the game. Steam With Steam your game will auto-patch when you connect to Steam.

DO NOT manually patch a Steam version of FM. To patch boxed copies or DVD versions of Football Manager you will need to manually download and install the patch depending on your version.

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