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January 15, 2019 Add Comment Action, Android Games, Open World Edit Panda superhero v1.0 Apk Ambillah seorang pejuang panda yang hebat di sepanjang jalan sibuk kota yang futuristik.

CREDIT: Telemunchen When entered the scene in France in November 2008, the media landscape looked wholly different. Netflix sent DVDs by mail; “The Sopranos” had come to an end, robbing HBO of a flagship title; and French viewers would sometimes have to wait weeks — or months — to catch up on the buzziest international series.

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Much has changed in the intervening decade, and the pay TV bouquet played a significant role in affecting one major shift. In 2012, OCS sought to curb the threat of online piracy by instituting the US+24 service, airing episodes of HBO’s newest flagship series “Game of Thrones” within a day of its U.S.

Both the media landscape and the pay TV service have continued to innovate and evolve since then, but one thing has remained a constant ever since OCS launched wielding an output deal from a certain premium cable operator. “Our backbone is HBO, and that will remain a central part of our identity,” says Boris Duchesnay, OCS’ programming director. “We have a deal with HBO that has grown over the years. We started with a simple output deal and transformed that into total exclusivity.

We have all of their programs and they don’t go anywhere else. And more, we offer their entire catalog on subscription VOD. That’s an integral part of our DNA, and it won’t change.” Related In 2017, OCS signed a new deal with HBO, securing the latter’s full catalog well into the future. At the same time, those partners will head into a future short of one flagship series. While OCS now offers episodes of “Game of Thrones” in simulcast with the U.S., the massively popular series will draw to a close following a six-episode run beginning this April. “No doubt it stings to say goodbye to ‘Game of Thrones,’ but we are excited by HBO’s upcoming lineup,” Duchesnay says.