Executing Grub Install Dummy Failed Kali Linux

Hi, I have in the past successfully installed the 64 bit 11.10 on this system. It crashed, my fault. When attempting to re-install I have checked three different disks and they all came back clean. All of them have hung up on the line on the live disk GUI install line: Running 'grub-install dummy'. I have also attempted to not run the live version and just install 11.10. Install windows mobile on nokia e7 review.

While trying repeatedly to install with differing settings I noticed following pattern: - for 8G disk capacity setting the install step failed after approx. 20% completion - for 20G disk capacity setting the install step failed after approx. 40% completion - for 40G disk capacity setting the install step failed.

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This would not normally be a matter of such urgency, however I have an appointment with a friend on Thursday who is interested in building a HIGH quality video editing studio. I don't want to scare him off because my box is down.Any help would be greatly appreciated. For some reason Kubuntu 64bit installed just fine, ran right past the Grub stuff, I have no idea why or what the problem with ubuntu was. Runs like a dream, at least for now, All I needed was a working 64 bit to show off some video capabilities, so for now, problem solved, However I am not going to mark the thread as solved for a while because I want my Unity Desktop back, so If any of the info I have provided gives anyone a clue as to why the ubu 64bit wont load, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please describe system a bit more. Are you using defaults or manual install to existing partitions?

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If manual install where are you choosing to install grub2's boot loader to, the MBR of the drive or a PBR? Was drive ever in RAID or are you using RAID or LVM? RAID leaves meta-data that interferes with the standard desktop install. Alternate installer works with RAID or LVM. If installed post link to boot info script from this: Boot Repair: You can repair many boot issues with this or post the link to a run of boot info script so we can see your exact configuration.