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Case [ ] Situation [ ] Kogoro is invited to a party for the release of a game which stars himself. While there, Conan runs into a man who uses the alias Tequila and learns that he plans to meet with Gin and Vodka.

Conan follows Tequila to the bathroom where an explosion occurs and kills the man. Conan investigates the explosion and realizes that it was a murder attempt but the wrong person was killed. Bombing - Murder Location: Mantendo building Victim: Cause of death: Explosion Suspects: Hideaki Nakajima, Koji Ueda, and Hironobu Takeshita Tequila went into a toilet stall with a briefcase, and while making a call, the stall exploded. Conan attempts to knock out Kogoro, but his dart hits Ran in the rear when she walks over to check on her father's hangover.

Conan is left shocked, but then surprised as Ran remains concious; the dart had hit the keychain in her back pocket. Conan attempts to get the dart back, but causes Ran to karate kick in defense; she believed a pevert was after her. Luckily, Ran has kicked Kogoro's head into the beam he was resting against; this knocks him out successfuly, allowing Conan to use his voice-changing bow tie to reveal what had happened. Conan reveals that Tequila and Hideaki Nakajima, one of the game designers, secretly exchanged suitcases. Conan reveals that the bomber is game designer Hironobu Takeshita and that Nakajima was his intended target. As evidence, Conan reveals that Nakajima's suitcase's key would fit into the suitcase Takeshita is holding since that is originally Nakajima's suitcase.

The mix-up happened due to that Takeshita had switched the numbers before Nakajima made the exchange with the victim. Takeshita confesses and denounces Nakajima for leading Yoshimi (their university boxing club manager who had dated Takeshita and Nakajima afterwards) to suicide when he dumped her. Further evidence is the number of the hotel keys; Kogoro's is 96 while Ran's is 100. Hironobu feared his plan would fall apart if the number he and his victim had were too different; he convinced his co-workers to cut in front of Ran to ensure all three had a number in the 90s. Conan asks Nakajima what he knows about Tequila's acquaintances only to learn that he always meets them in the. Conan heads there only to find out Gin and Vodka had caused an explosion to hide evidence of them being there. After the explosion, Conan afterwards learns that Nakajima was selling a list of top computer programmers to Tequila.

Continuity error [ ] By the time that this story was told in the manga, Conan had a second encounter with and (learning their names in the process), as well as learning about the. In the anime, however, and omitted ties to The Organization and its members. Thus Conan at this point in the anime shouldn't know the names of the men who shrank him, or their organization. The anime fixes this problem in, where hints at the names of both Gin and Vodka. This makes it plausible for Conan to recall their names in this episode. Translation changes [ ] Anime [ ] • The names of the characters in the Dub are: • Hideaki Nakajima - Henry Nelbit • Koji Ueda - Kelvin Tug • Hironobu Takeshita - Charles Shore • Ishikawa - George Fuman • Daikoku Building - Apollo Building Error [ ] Conan upon hearing Kogoro mentioning having some Gin and Vodka, recalls that telling him that the two men in black who he met went by the name of Gin and Vodka. In the Japanese Version, he merely recalls that those were the two men responsible for his condition.

This particular error originated in the Dub for. Presumably, this was done as a means of explaining how Conan knows the codename of the two men due to their omission in several episodes, but Heiji wouldn't discover Conan's secret until.

Manga [ ] • Due to Viz Media originally referring to Gin and Vodka as Kaspar and Melkior (), their translation of this story in has Conan's recollection of the two brought on by Kogoro mentioning that he had Kaspar Gin and Melkior Vodka. Following this, is the final time that Viz continued with altered names. Trivia [ ] • This is the first episode where the murderer kills the wrong person and instead kills someone else unintentionally. • In the English dub, the explosion in the Apollo Building killed 23 people, some of whom could not be identified by authorities.

'Conan' redirects here. For the author of series, see. Shinichi being drugged. The Transformation [ ] At the beginning of the series, Shinichi brings his friend to, a local theme park, to celebrate her victory in the Metropolitan Karate Championships. He later ends up solving a murder case there.