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Introduction Leatrix Plus is an efficient and modular addon which offers to enhance the default user interface. Download epson adjustment program l120. Translations for English, Chinese, Korean and Russian are included. Click the minimap button or enter /ltp to open Leatrix Plus. Always read the when installing updates. Visit the and for guides, information and support.

If you're looking for map enhancement, there is now a standalone addon called. Features These are the settings that you can enable in Leatrix Plus.

As the addon is modular, only settings that you specifically enable are loaded into the game. Automation Character • Automate quests - Automatically select, accept and turn-in quests. Quests which have a gold, currency or crafting reagent requirement are excluded automatically. • Automate gossip - Automatically select a single gossip option by holding the alt key when opening a gossip window.

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• Accept summon - Automatically accept summon requests. • Accept resurrect - Automatically accept resurrection requests (with filters to exclude combat, pylon and brazier resurrection). • Release in PvP - Release automatically after you die in a battleground or world PvP zone. Vendors • Sell junk automatically - Sell all grey items in your bags when you talk to a merchant. Merchants which refuse to buy items are excluded automatically. • Repair automatically - Repair your armor automatically (using guild or character funds) when you talk to a repair merchant.

Social Blocks • Block duels - Block duel requests from people who are not friends or guild members. • Block pet battle duels - Block pet battle duel requests from people who are not friends or guild members. • Block party invites - Block party invite requests from people who are not friends or guild members. • Block friend requests - Block BattleTag and Real ID friend requests. Groups • Party from friends - Automatically accept party invitations from friends or guild members. • Queue from friends - Automatically accept requests initiated by your party leader to join the Dungeon Finder queue.

• Invite from whispers - Automatically invite someone to a group when they whisper the keyword inv to you. Chat General • Use easy resizing - Resize the chat frame upwards simply by dragging it. Nfs hot pursuit 2 full rip games download.

• Hide the combat log - Hide the combat log to make more room for chat windows. • Hide chat buttons - Hide the chat buttons to gain screen space. • Hide social button - Hide the social button and quick-join notification. • Unclamp chat frame - Move the chat frame to the very edge of the screen. • Move editbox to top - Move the editbox to the top of the chat frame.

Mechanics • Disable sticky chat - Disable sticky chat so you can switch between group chat and whispers easily. • Use arrow keys in chat - Use the arrow keys to navigate the editbox. • Disable chat fade - Prevent chat text from fading.

• Universal group color - Make raid chat text the same color as party chat text. • Use class colors in chat - Show class colored names in the chat frame. • Recent chat window - Open recent chat history in a copy-friendly window. • Increase chat history - Increase chat history from 128 lines to 4096 lines. Text Visibility • Hide error messages - Hide error messages shown in the error frame (with a filter to exclude important errors). • Hide portrait numbers - Hide the damage and healing numbers shown in the portrait and pet frames.

• Hide crafted names - Hide the crafter's name on crafted items. • Hide zone text - Hide zone text (such as 'Ironforge'). Text Size • Resize mail text - Resize text in the mail frame.

• Resize quest text - Resize text in the quest detail frame. Interface Enhancements • Customise minimap - Rescale the minimap, merge the tracking button with the calendar button, hide zone information and use the mousewheel to zoom. • Manage tooltip - Move, rescale and color the tooltip and show useful information such as target and guild rank.

• Enhance dressup - Add tabard and nude buttons, prevent special model animations and hide the character controls. Extras • Show volume slider - Add a handy volume control to the character sheet. • Show auction controls - Add controls to the auction house frame to speed up creating auctions. • Show cooldowns - Show up to five beneficial cooldown icons (of your choice) above the target frame for easy cooldown tracking. • Show durability status - Show an itemised durability status in the character sheet and show an overall percentage after you die.