Contact Form In Html With Captcha Code Definition

Apr 26, 2014 - phpTextCaptcha is open-source free PHP CAPTCHA script to create complex. Showing image */header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');/* defining the image. This file is used to obtain submitted form data and used to validate captcha image. About Us Our Team Contact Us Copyright Privacy Policy.

Non-Captcha solution Many people prefer forms without Captcha image. Here you can find without use of Captcha. Our Captcha image styles Big size: Small size: There are more styles available for you to use. A slightly more technical description ProCaptcha is a form processor. It resides on our server, which means you don't need to worry about your server-side scripting. This is taken care of for you. The forms will work on any server platform, whether it is Windows or UNIX-based.

ProCaptcha saves form submissions to a database. This allows you to log into your account and browse form submissions. Even if your email is not working, the submissions will not be lost. Form submissions can be downloaded as a CSV file (spreadsheet).

We can also create an XML parser for your CRM system. All forms can be customized and we often help our customers with customization.

In you can see how to add a new form to your web site. Other popular Captcha solutions - Captcha solution by Google. It is probably the most popular Captcha. Advantages: Provided by a trustworthy company; very good protection. Disadvantages: It is very difficult to read, often to the point where users get frustrated and leave the site.

Its popularity also makes it desirable for hackers to break. - This is a Wordpress plug-in.

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It uses some easy math tasks such as 'six *??? = 24', so you need to enter 4 instead of??? Advantages: Easy to implement for Wordpress customers. Disadvantages: Works only with Wordpress websites. Requires some math effort even though it is very easy. - This Captcha solution is for more advanced users who are comfortable with server-side programming. Advantages: Customization options for the level of distortion applied to the Captcha image.

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Disadvantages: Requires server-side installation, UNIX-based server, and basic knowledge of PHP. - This solution is similar to PHPcaptcha but offers more programming languages.

Advantages: Supports many programming languages. Disadvantages: Requires server-side installation and basic knowledge of programming languages.

Recaptcha_get_html Parameter $pubkey -- string. Your reCAPTCHA public key, from the $error -- string.

Optional (null is the default) If this string is set, the reCAPTCHA area will display the error code given. This error code comes from ReCaptchaResponse->$error $use_ssl -- boolean. Optional (false is default) Should the SSL-based API be used? If you are displaying a page to the user over SSL, be sure to set this to true so an error dialog doesn't come up in the user's browser. Return value A string containing HTML to put on the web page. The recaptcha_check_answer function After the user has filled out the HTML form, including their answer for the CAPTCHA, we want to check their answer when they submit the form using the recaptcha_check_answer function.