Char Mugen Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Marvel vs Capcom / Marvel vs Capcom 2 Mugen Characters. Last Section Update: - Added Chars by DarkWolf13, Chars by Vs. Nov 27, 2017  I got this from the pirate bay website when I stumbled upon this game, so I used Utorrent to extract it. This only shows the character selection screen and the Gameplay.

We already know that in MUGEN exist a lot of chars with MvC gameplay that aren't in the official Marvel Vs. Capcom Series games. That's why i made this collection, for being easier to search and find these chars. And if you had any char that i ain't find with MvC gameplay, you're free to post here, any good help is very welcome.

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NOTE 1: About the Infinite (SvK) style chars, i'm planning to remade the collection of these chars. NOTE 2: Some chars are betas or unifished works, so they're only for collection purpose. INFO & COLOR GUIDE The chars will be organized from game series, in alphabetical order.

Red: Missing / Offline Dark Orange: WIP NORMAL CHARACTERS Catherine Kyohbashi: - Saki Tsuzura: Yoriko Yasuzumi: Konoha: EDITED CHARACTERS Chars by Character List: Alsa, G-Fiona, Captain Heart, Yun Fang, Iron Petra, Mighty Thar and C-Zenia Jin Fuha: Yoma Komatsu: Beavis: Butt-Head: Chars by Character List: Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter Sailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Chibi Moon. Chars by Kal - - Don Patch: Uru ( - ) Ingrid: / Beximus: - NORMAL CHARS Ryu: / Ken: Chun-Li: Maki: Akuma / Gouki: Evil Ryu: / Haohmaru: Kyo: / Ryo: Iori: / Terry: Mai: Kim: / Benimaru: King: Rock: / / Yuri: Nakoruru: Hibiki: Geese: Rugal: EDITED CHARS Evil Ken: Han Baedal: Kusanagi: Mack the Knife / Jennety (Mummy): Ginzu the Ninja / Shō: Baby Head / Hoover: Simon Belmont: Demitri: Donovan: Lilith: Yamori X: - / Vs. Style Debuts: - / / Talbain / Gallon: / / Vs. Style Debuts: - Sasquatch: / Lord Raptor / Zabel: Rikuo / Aulbath: Jedah: Vs. About Duracelleur's edits, the ToSix style of them are a custom style, not even a MvC-ish.

If necessary, i'll made a ToSix collection. About IMT Talbain (Cray's version), he's already added. And about the Infinite/SvK edits, i put this note in the OP: Wow lol, i forgot her too. XD Thanks Snivy! Also added the new version of Vs.

Style Debuts Talbain/Gallon. I thought Infinite and Duracell were MvC style, with the control system, sounds, FX, superjump and stuff. They play exactly like the old MvC1 and MvC2 games tho.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Returning Characters: 1. (Capcom, from Resident Evil) 3. (Capcom, from Street Fighter) 4. (Capcom, from Devil May Cry) 5. (Marvel, from the Doctor Strange series) 8. (Capcom, from the Darkstalkers fighting games) 9. (Capcom, from the Darkstalkers fighting games) 11.