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A graphing calculator from Casio, the Casio Algebra FX 2.0 Plus Type Manufacturer Introduced 2001 Calculator Entry mode Display type Display size 128×64 Programming Programming language(s) User memory 146 KB of RAM, 768 KB of Flash Memory Other Power supply 4, 1 Weight 213 Dimensions 19.5 mm (H) × 82 mm (W) × 178 mm (D) The Casio Algebra FX series was a line of graphing calculators manufactured by from 1999 to 2003. They were the successor models to the CFX-9970G, the first Casio calculator with, or CAS, a program for symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions. The calculators were discontinued and succeeded by the in 2003. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • History [ ] In 1999, Casio released a graphing calculator Algebra FX 2.0.

Casio Fx 991 Es Plus Emulator Online. PLUS/350ES PLUS/500VN PLUS/570ES PLUS/991DE PLUS/991ES PLUS/991ES PLUS C. Emulating fx-ES PLUS Calculator Operation The. The Casio FX-850P is a scientific calculator introduced in 1987 and sold until 1992. 1 Specifications; 2 See also; 3 References; 4 External links.

The modified model Algebra FX 2.0 Plus was released in 2001 with additional functionalities in the financial calculation, statistics, and differential equations. The calculators were designed for usages in the classroom, where target markets were students and educators. They were aimed at helping students learn to solve algebra problems, where step-by-step solutions could be auto-generated.

The Algebra FX series was the successor of the, the first Casio calculator with (CAS) released in 1998. The computer algebra system in the Algebra FX series had been largely improved from the previous model so that more mathematical functions were added. The Casio's CAS was mainly developed by its R&D team and Professor John Kenelly of Clemson University.

The calculators were sold to different parts of the world. Casio had used different product names in, following their predecessors. The Graph 100 and the Graph 100+ were respectively the Algebra FX 2.0 and the Algebra FX 2.0 Plus. The Algebra FX 2.0 Plus was discontinued in 2003 and succeeded by the Casio ClassPad series, where the calculators have stylus-based touch screens.

However, the Graph 100+ was continued to be sold in France until 2015, a time when Casio removed the product from its website. Specifications [ ] Power and Dimension [ ] The calculators are powered by four AAA batteries used for primary power. It also uses one lithium battery CR2032 for a memory backup when the primary power is down. All program memories will be deleted if both primary power and memory backup power are removed or down. The calculators consume power at the rate of 0.2 W. Based on the manufacturer's data sheet, zinc-carbon R03 AAA batteries and alkaline LR03 batteries can supply power for 140 hours and 230 hours for continuous display of main menu.

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The back-up battery can operate for about two years. The calculators weigh about 213 grams including batteries.

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