Cara Nembak Wifi Tanpa Tp Link Modem

Jul 22, 2015 - Anyways what I remember is that you need correct modem database. Click it and load the file downloaded from link provided. BIN file to my mail I'd. Koneksi wifi nya open tanpa password, supaya bisa diakses anak-anak kos disekitar saya. Saya punya tp-link tl-wa7210n. Rencana mau nembak wifi tmen saya yg.

Try this method at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage to your phone What You Need: 1. NVRAM.bin of Your MediaTek SmartPhone 📱. If you don’t have nvram.bin backup then [This navram.bin is backed up from MMX Unite 2.

Don’t know this works on your phone or not. So flash at your own risk.] 2. SP Flash Tool. Scatter.txt of Your 📱. Some Knowledge About Flashing. Note: This Guide is based on Unite 2. Procedure: 1.

Open Scatter file in any text editor. I prefer Notepad++. • Now find nvram in it. • Now Look for is_download: false.

• Now replace false to true. • Save the scatter file. • Load scatter in SP Flash Tool.

• There will be nvram option. Deselect all files and select only nvram. • Now open NVRAM.bin in sp flash tool.

Make sure download only is selected. • Now select download button.

Casio fx 991es plus emulator zone. • Now connect your phone w/o battery 🔋. • Wait till download completes.

• Disconnect your phone 📱. • Congratulations 🎊!! Mintuah remse tanglai ah. NVRAM restored & IMEI permanently fixed.

So this procedure is only verified with mt65xx chipsets. MTK Droid Tools can’t be used with new 64bit processors (mt67xx). AFAIK the only chance to obtain a nvram image backup from mt64xx device is to make a flash tool “readback”, but i don’t know if this is the same image of the one obtained by MTK Droid Tools and if it is (successfully) flashable back again with flash tool. I haven’t found any confirmation of that on the net. You have the correct nvram backup, you can give a try and confirm 😉 Thanks. Hi, great tutorial! Though I have some questions.

If you or anyone can answer them I’ll be very greatul. So here are my questions 1. If I do not have a back of nvram.bin, then where can I download it? Does it not come with Stock ROM?

I have Lenovo Vibe K4 Note powered by Mediatek MT6753 chipset 2. What is the difference between nvram.bin file and modemdb and apdb files that comes with stock ROM? I am able to fix my invalid IMEI problem permanently using Maui Meta 3G tool but the serial number is still all zeroes.

Is the nvram.bin file you have provided is a raw file? When I tried to load it into flash tool, it complained that there is no header for the bin file and the process stopped For everyone: Can someone please share an original nvramp.bin file for Lenovo Vibe K4 Note. I am hoping that i I will be able to fix the “serial no” issue with it. Thanks Liked. Hi Nik, Unfortunately I had a system crash last week and lost all the working drivers and other important files 😦 unfortunately I didn’t had any backup.