Camlink Mazatrol Thread

Our shop is looking into software for programming our Mazak Integrex 300IV ST machine and we are considering the CamLink product. We'll be getting an on-line demo soon, but until then, I thought I would get some input from the real world users out here.

I like the fact that CamLink was developed by Mazak users, for Mazaks. I don't want to sound like Mr.

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Negative, but if you are currently using this product, what sucks about it? We use Surfcam for our EIA milling and the only real gripe with them is they nail you with maintenance fees constantly.more than likely they're all like that though. I sure would appreciate any and all comments in regards to CamLink.

We got an online demo today. It's a pretty nice system as far as having the ability to program at your PC rather than the machine. Also, if you have a complicated feature to mill or turn, it enables you to pick entities from a solid model or flat drawing and generate a tool path, rather than poking in a bazillion numbers. Basically the package lets you do what the Mazatrol operating system on the machine will let you do plus they have a generic engraving feature which I can see would be handy. The package is on the pricey side even at their 'anniversary special' they are running, and there is no trial period I guess. One side of me says it would be handy, the other side wonders if that money would be better put towards a EIA system of some sort and then be able to machine surfaces.

What to do, what to do. After having the full blown version of Camlink software in a shop specializing in Mazaks (about 50 of them?), I can see the benefits in owning it. However, it will only be profitable for you if you have a dedicated programmer. Many places that are completely Mazak use only the conversational language.

We had 12 Integrexes, and Camlink was rarely used for these machines. The solids extraction seems a bit more difficult than a good EIA producing CAM package, but that's my opinion. At a guess, I would say you were quoted $12-14k.

You could definitely invest that towards a much more powerful CAM system. I used Camlink quite often for engraving inside a Mazatrol program. Also, it was useful for complex contouring for milling that would take an extensive amount of time to enter each entity. If you have very many Mazaks, and only Mazaks, then Camlink, Camware, or Mazacam would be a decent decision for the features they offer.

If you have more than one control version difference in the machines, this is helpful for translations. EIA will run faster on the machine than Mazatrol.

The machines are native EIA. Mazatrol is converted back to EIA when it translates to machine motion. Download desain undangan biasa pernikahan.

EIA will also have the most maximization potential for the machine's capabilities. All in all, the decision is totally up to you. We just hope you don't have to regret the one you make! If you plan to buy a software of this kind go for Matrixcam or mazacam. We have purchased an expansion on camlink for our integrex before seeing Matrixcam and we regret this move. Maybe they made an update but for programming the Matrix MT the griffo toolpath check and the tooldata is only crap.!! We dont use it.