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The development of this gamemode was stopped from v3. Reasons: - This was coded quiet early with some useless implimentations. - Some bugs still alive If you want to still ask or spam my P.M. Log, I won't reply.

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But, there will be a new COD Gamemode on this forums lately(by Gammix and few stuff by me). You can edit this, do whatever but keep credits. Ask before doing anything(mainly re-releasing). Working on COD7 finished, Check out the link:.

Quick update: /Changename added to the script on request of gogokickup UPDATE 3.0. Code: • Fixed the kills and deaths bug.

• Added a new sprite in textdraws. (A new wallpaper) • Fixed the sscanf bugs. • Admin imune system upgraded. • Fixed the timmer bugs. • Still found more bugs, Report through a reply. FEATURES • New dynamic and advance Admin system created by Me (Not any admin system edit) • Capture zone system • Total of 10 zones for capture and 5 bases • New mercenary system • Anti-Team kill & Hit indicator • Sounds added from the COD Waw.

Code: // Server host name. This should always be set by the server admin. Set sv_hostname 'Gameservers.com MW3' // Dedicated server play list (DSPL) specifying server map rotation.

// Valid game options are controlled via DSR (dedicated server recipe) specified in the DSPL. Set sv_maprotation 'default' // Maximum number of clients that may connect to this server (You can not have more than 18 players on a server) set sv_maxclients 18 // Server password. If set, users will be prompted on join attempt. Set g_password ' // Maximum number of private clients allowed on the server (range 0-18 (clamped to sv_maxclients) ) set sv_privateClients 0 // Password for the private slots on this server.

If set, users will be prompted on join attempt. // Users providing this password will have access to all slots. // Users providing an incorrect password will have access to the (sv_maxClients - sv_privateClients) public slots. Lying Set sv_privatePassword ' // Remote console password. If set, users will have access to a remote console, allowing server administration from a connected client.