Blyss Wdh-1012ec User Manual

I need your advice on Blyss dehumidifier problems. Their dehumidifiers tend to ice up, especially if there is a refrigerant leak. Once that starts to leak, it will continue icing up until it gets too cold to collect condensate.

And you can’t get refrigerant at the store anymore. The greater challenge is finding someone to repair a dehumidifier without having to ship it to one of the few authorized repair centers, unless you’re in the UK. International shipping for a dehumidifier costs more than a new dehumidifier. Even if you could find a repair person who works on dehumidifiers, the cost of a new coil, if that’s the problem, and adding more refrigerant approaches the cost of a new unit. Technically, a new working unit does solve the problem of a malfunctioning one.


Before you rush to the store to get a new one, buy replacement air filters for it. A lack of proper air flow around the unit and inability to pull air through a dirty filter will prevent it from getting enough air flow to not freeze. That’s at least something free or almost free to try.

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I may have to cut generic filter material to size though, since branded air filters are hard to get in the US. You can try cleaning dust off the coils too, though that has mixed results. It does smell bad. If you have a lack of air flow, the humidity around the unit is high, facilitating mold growth. Likewise, a leaky drain hose or water reservoir will feed a mold colony consistently. Can I put bleach water in the bucket?

Sure, as long as you realize it’ll be emptied every day or so and thus replaced. The Blyss dehumidifier does not collect as much water as it says it can, often a fifth what the unit’s promised collection is. Does it give you any error messages? Not consistently. If you get error code E3, try cleaning the humidity sensor, since a dirty one may not register a high humidity room. It is on a clip near the cooling coils. I can try that, and cleaning the coils too.

If you get dirt in the drain hose, that could clog it and cause water spills. I’m not getting water everywhere, just not enough out of the air. See if the fan motor is blowing fast enough, because one that isn’t won’t disperse cold air fast enough to draw in more moist air. If the compressor and evaporator aren’t running, you have just a fan and air filter, whereas a broken humidistat - The humidity sensor I can replace for the cost of a tank of gas. The rest of it costs more than it is worth to fix.