Blood Bowl Star Player Cards Pdfescape

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Blood Bowl Star Player Card Template STAR PLAYER CARDS for Your Blood Bowl Website Special thanks to Lance Rausch for this webpage resource PLAYER NAME PLAYER POSITION MOVEMENT # STRENGTH # AGILITY # ARMOUR # SKILLS Text, More Text TRAITS Text, More Text RACIAL Text TEAMS Text SPECIAL Text NUMBER OF GOLD PIECES If you would like to incorporate Blood Bowl player cards like mine within your own website, you may freely copy and modify the HTML which I created. I only ask that you please leave in the two comment lines giving credit where credit is due. World air transport statistics 56th edition peters. (Don't forget to save a copy of the graphic as well.) PLAYER NAMEPLAYER POSITION MOVEMENT# STRENGTH# AGILITY# ARMOUR# SKILLSText,More TextTRAITSText,More Text RACIALTextTEAMSText SPECIALText NUMBER OF GOLD PIECES.