Battlefleet Gothic Armada Save Game Editor San Andreas Gta

BGAEditor v1.9 by Cryptomancer This is a saved game editor for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. It supports editing solo skirmish profiles and campaign saved games. BGAEditor is a purely Command Line Interface (CLI) application written in Python 3.6.4. BGAEditor is available as a Windows binary. Simply download BGAEditor.exe and you're good to go. No Python interpreter necessary.

FEATURES SUPPORTED Edit admiral level, ship slots, escort ship upgrade slots, renown, and elite level. Edit deployments and resolve all non-priority missions available in campaign mode. Edit ship level, captain picture, crew points, crew upgrade levels, upgrade slots, and battles waged. INTERFACE: The interface is purely CLI. Capture one pro 12 torrent. Input is done through a series of text prompts in the form of: Number:Value or Command:Explanation. To select a given option enter everything to the left of the colon verbatim. This includes capitalization and punctuation.

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Aug 1, 2018 - 25- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – [DODI Repack]. Developer: Rockstar Games. State of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets. 265- Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 [v8822 + MULTi6] – [DODI Repack]. [v 1.011 + All DLCs + Multi15 + Map Editor + HD Pack] - [DODI Repack. Battlefleet gothic: armada trainer 0.6316 Super Hull, Weak Hull/Shields, Super Shields, Super Troop Value, Super Turrets, Mega Reknown, Unlimited Fleet Points. Made exclusively for Cheat Happens. WRITTEN FOR THE ORIGINAL (0.6316) RETAIL/STEAM VERSION OF THE GAME.

If you see a property enclosed in parenthesis then it is displayed purely FYI and is not editable. For example: (Faction): IMPERIUM -- This is NOT editable Renown: 100 -- This is editable NOTE THAT INPUTS ARE NOT VALIDATED. THIS EDITOR WILL BLINDLY EDIT YOUR PROFILE WITH WHATEVER VALUES YOU PROVIDE AND INVALID VALUES WILL BREAK YOUR GAMES!!! NOTE THAT THIS EDITOR DOES NOT CREATE BACKUPS OF YOUR SAVED GAMES SO TAKE MANUAL BACKUPS Saved games location: C: Users%USERNAME% AppData Local BattleFleetGothic Saved SaveGames If you don't see the AppData folder then enable Show Hidden Folders in Folder Options. This program only modifies files in the form of.sav. Files in the form of _Meta.sav are untouched and do not need to be backed up. GitHub - Direct BGAEditor download - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGELOG v1.1 - Fixed a bug on Solo Skirmish Admirals with difficulty set to EASY.

Added MAXADMIRAL! And EscortUpgrades commands. V1.2 - Added campaign support. V1.3 - Fixed a bug with Admiral XP values being incorrectly displayed. Fixed a bug that would display blank lines in the ship list if you did MAXFLEET!

From a level 2+ Admiral. Added ability to edit deployments in the campaign. V1.4 - Added Missions command which will resolve all non-priority missions in the campaign. V1.5 - Added support for Space Marines faction. Fixed ship data parsing to accomodate new format introduced in Space Marine patch (1.5.8468).

Removed MAXFLEET! Now includes EscortUpgrades. Removed ability to display and edit individual crew skill values for ships (see readme for explanation). V1.6 - Fixed crash when a ship is named the same as the ship class (Example: Imperial Navy Dauntless class Light Cruiser named Dauntless).