Acronis Rescue Media Iso

Stuart, welcome to these User Forums. There are several options open to you with regards to creating a bootable USB stick - obviously, you can use the Acronis Rescue Media Builder application to do this without the need to first create an ISO or WIM file. If you have your product registered, you can download Acronis Bootable Media from the website.

If you have a large enough USB flash (pen) drive then later versions/builds of True Image enable you to create the Rescue Media as a bootable CD ISO image file. Create or copy the ISO image file to a USB flash drive and then burn the ISO image to CD at your friend's house. Alternatively, TI can create the Bootable Rescue Media directly onto the USB flash (pen) drive.

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Acronis Rescue Media Iso

If you have trouble getting the flash drive to boot, check out MudCrab's thread on. Post #1 of that thread now contains a link to his instructions for creating a bootable flash drive. Regards Menorcaman.