900 Mhz Vs 2 4ghz Wifi Range

With an R/C Truck I tested the 900mhz vs 2.4 ghz wireless video gear. I used my FPV truck instead of a plane so I don't risk a lost aircraft. FPV Driving from the TV inside the garage I placed both transmitters in the same location along with the RX and whip antennas (no patches) so I can fairly judge the 2 bands. I also tested the DX7 vs the 9C for range and glitching with onboard video gear. This backyard jump section is where I get the worse video drop outs and glitching since the signals must pass through a garage and house, everywhere else I get clear video with both bands. This test is for no reason other then my own interest, your results may vary. Test 1: DX7 with AR7000 RX and 500mw 2.4ghz wireless gear Test 2: Futaba 9C with R148 RX and 500mw 2.4 wireless gear Test 3: DX7 w/ AR7000 Rx and 500mw 900 wireless gear Test 4: 9C w/ R148 RX and 500mw 900mhz gear Test 1 results: Shorter range with some minor loss of radio signal.

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Jan 11, 2008  900 MHz or 2.4 GHz what is better. Indoor-short range vs 1-2 mile outdoor are 2 different beasts! They are used in applications such as those ubiquitous Bluetooth wireless headphones that people stick in their ears. Plantraco has some of the smallest around. Spektrum also has some in 2g. The reason that the XPS 6-channel (and the.

Video acceptable but poor range. Test 2 results: Minor radio glitching, Acceptable Video. Test 3 results: No radio loss good control.

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Test 4 results: Minor radio glitching, Better Video.